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Alexander Drake new coverAlexander Drake's Extraordinary Pursuit

Meet Alexander Drake, a curious young man living in a drab, oversized mansion with his secretive father. He spent his days playing alone. In the back of his mind he wondered what happened to his mother, and why his father was tight-lipped about the past; but secrets have a way of getting out. It all started with a stay at his grandmother’s cottage. Alexander found strange clues tucked away in his father’s old bedroom. With a mysterious key and several maps in his pack he set off on an innocent search for answers about his family. When he discovered a secret passageway the search took a dramatic turn. He suddenly worried about what was searching for him. Alexander was being hunted by a sorcerer from his father’s past. Answers lead to more questions and the journey of his life. Join Alexander for a thrilling adventure in Azra’s Pith, a place of beauty and magic… but beware—something evil lurks in the shadows.  



General drake new coverThe Return of General Drake

When Alexander arrived in Verhonia, something went terribly wrong. A dark spell delivered from the mountains of Acadia sent him on a dangerous journey in the middle of the night. As he marched into the mountains, the great city of Verhonia was ambushed and burned to the ground by Roman's army of vicious giant murks. With the safety of the realm in jeopardy, General John William Drake was asked to come back to Azra's Pith. He swore he would never return. But after discovering his son was under a spell and in the grips of a dark sorcerer, he had no choice. Things take a wild turn in the mountains, with runaways, a hungry wolf and a mysterious, young empyrean wizard thrown into the adventure. A tight race against time and evil is in full swing. With faith and a little magic, they just might come out on top.  



lizzieAuthor Elizabeth Parkinson-Bellows

Being the frizzy-haired tomboy with buck teeth gave me a slight case of shyness as a kid. A colorful imagination meant escape and adventure at the drop of a hat. Over the years I learned that the insecurities I carried around were a waste of time. I still prefer a football game to a manicure any day of the week. That indispensable imagination has found its way into my writing providing a sense of joy and a true purpose.  

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Sunday, 28 April 2013

How David's Song Was Born

In 2007 I had the opportunity to see a gentleman that I knew from my college days.  When we were in college, I had a huge crush on the guy.  We were just casual friends, never dated.  I don't think he knew that I had any feelings for him other than friendship.  If he did, he never let on.  We parted ways when I changed schools and for all practical purposes lost touch with each other.

You know how it is when you run into someone you used to know, and they look so familiar, you know you know them, but just can't put a name to the face?  That's what I had expected. We hadn't seen each other in 25 years. But he not only recognized me, but remembered me by name. I was surprised and delighted.  We had little time to talk, just exchanged a few pleasantries. But the meeting unsettled me.

Later that night, when I was lying in bed, I started to wonder "what if".  What if I hadn't changed schools?  What if we had met up again before either of us married? As I laid in bed thinking about those things, I decided that I was happy with how my life had turned out.  I had (and still do) a wonderful husband, and seven wonderful children. I really didn't want my life to turn out differently.  But the thought about "what if" didn't leave me. I started to think about all the choices we make in a lifetime and how those choices determine what road we ultimately walk. If a person had the chance to make different choices, would they? The thought almost seemed to torment me.  So in an effort to work it all through my system, I decided to write a story about someone who gets that chance - the chance to go back and see how life would unfold if a different road was taken.  What started out to be a short story, quickly turned into 100 pages and the novel, David's Song was born.

The Book: Annie only ever really loved two men in her life. One broke her heart, the other married her. Four children and fifteen years later, Annie’s marriage is in jeopardy. Money is tight and her husband questions the very foundation of their relationship. When Annie is unexpectedly given the opportunity to see the young man who broke her heart — a man who is now a megastar in the music industry — Annie is faced with choices. Choices that will determine what is of more value — a second chance at lost love and unfulfilled dreams or commitment, trust, and love built on years of experience.

A psychologically subtle, yet compelling tale about how the instinct and need for love overcomes self-doubt and personal inadequacy.

April R Talley was born and raised in the Rubber City, Akron, Ohio in 1959.  She is the youngest of six children. She attended Brigham Young University for a time, but withdrew to work fulltime for Osmond Productions in Orem, Utah as a member of The Osmond production staff. After a brief stint working in television, she returned to Akron to finish her education.  She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Mass Media Communications in 1981. April later worked as vice president and part owner of a dance and sportswear boutique.  Married in 1982, she is the proud mother of seven children and is deeply involved in volunteer work for her church. April spends her time working on future projects, caring for home and family, and traveling. David’s Song is her debut novel and the first of a trilogy.

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